Emerging Properties

Emergent properties is that it’s the property of the wholeand only exists as a wholenot a property of the component bits. Emerging properties have a fundamental impact on the system performance.  Each organization will have unique emergent properties . emergent phenomena are best understood by observing a ‘pattern resulting from the interactions’ among multiple elements in a system including aspects of the environment.

The components of a system generally create emergent properties in its dynamic conditions (time space) wherein a pattern, complex behaviour, or structure is the result of collective activities of the individual components. Examples of emergent behaviour:

> Productivity and Throughput of a organization

> the fiscal multiplier in an economic system

> heat generated by the human body

> Innovation

emerg properties example

Aircraft System

Source http://www.edc.ncl.ac.uk/research/recentgraphic01.php/

Aircraft system emerging properties:

> Performance

> Stability and control

> Cost

> Aerodynamics

Understanding  emerging properties is fundamental trying to maximize system performance, ignoring emerging properties results in limited effectiveness for the dollar spent: 2013 dollar spent for IT 2,8 trillion .

Furthermore, emerging properties help to understand crumbling paradigm: example is a good company going bad such as Kodak.  Understanding and manipulating emerging properties can help to creating new technology or business paradigm.

Even a engineering system such a vehicle sub-system like a car door (vehicle is a system, door is sub-system made of door, seals, window mechanism , door handle ect..) , normally design for maintainability and reliability.  Not having a clear understanding of the emerging properties during actual usage by customer where emergent properties are wind noise and door rattling can result in negative image of auto manufacturer. This is caused by design and testing not clearly understanding dynamic conditions (time and space)


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