System Dynamics

“The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created.”

– Albert Einstein

Dynamics Consideration:

  • Events happen as a consequence of patterns of behaviour of a system
  • Behaviour over time (dynamics) is often counter intuitive and a result of
  1.  Structure of the system with interconnect influences
  2. Feedbacks
  3. Ability to influence: System Structure has high ability to influence events, while behaviour medium ability.

event behaviour

In order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness it is fundamental to understand the system and the dynamic conditions in time and space.

To improve performance, the system has to change because the system drives 95 percent of any organization’s performance.

Dynamics: A system is not static, it evolves in time and space influencing the system elements and system performance.

The purpose of this blog is to:

>    Clear understanding of System Thinking and its Dynamics

>    Example of Systems

>    System Thinking approach for IT

Way of Thinking

Systems Thinking is a way of thinking about all systems we encounter based on the importance of system elements and their relationships (interconnections) as well as emerging properties as system evolve in dynamic environment (time and space) . Systems Thinking for carrying-out optimization, efficiency and effectiveness improvement, change when dealing with complexity .
Systems Thinking has following aspects. They are:

>   A way of thinking of the system, its elements and relationships. Using set principles and theories.

>   Consists of a language for understanding the system and related uncertainty and complexity. The Systems Thinking language uses diagrams to explain non-linear cause and effect relationships.

>   A technology for modelling complex situations underlying business, economics, scientific, and social systems suing simplistic or complex modelling tools (depending of propose) in order to generate simulation models of system evolvement .


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