System Thinking for IT

How does one leverage IT to obtain business value ?

What is Business Value ?

How does Business Value relate to Competitive Advantage ?

Harvard Business Review :

Enterprise IT is in crisis — no doubt about it. Our research, conducted in partnership with Harvard Business Review, The Economist, CEB (formerly the Corporate Executive Board), Intel, and TNS Global, finds that corporate leadership has lost confidence in the CIO as a strategic partner and views IT as a commodity rather than a difference-maker.

Ernst and Young paper:$FILE/DNA_of_the_CIO.pdf

But CIOs are also guilty of focusing the majority of their attention on specifi c areas, such as running an agile, low-risk IT operation within a clear budget. This is expected of them and is an important function. But it affords little opportunity to change perceptions of their role within the rest of the business. “If you’re just the guy who can make the BlackBerry work, why would they discuss strategy with you?” asks Johnson Controls’ Volker Raupach.


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