Business process management = File 13


Business process management (BPM) has been referred to as a “holistic management” approach to aligning an organization’s business processes with the wants and needs of clients. It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology. BPM attempts to improve processes continuously. It can therefore be described as a “process optimization process.” It is argued that BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change.

Why file 13. Generally many BPM projects finish in file 13, meaning little value , no purpose no real business benefits.

Why is that ?

  • BPM as method has limited ability to really understand efficiency and effectiveness
  • Efficiency means doing things correctly with minimum resources of the process rather than the whole
  • Effectiveness means doing the right things. Doing the right things can only be really managed using system dynamics methodology whereby optimization of the whole rather than single part is critical.
  • BPM does not consider or understand emerging properties and its impact to processes
  • BPM priority is process optimization rather than system optimization. Bottom up rather than top down. BPM process optimization focuses on a limited view or element of the system rather than the whole.

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