System Thinking Tools

In in order to manage a transformation project, organization and tools become very important:

  • Consider setting up existing organization a web based share point in order to structure the project scope and store documents. This share point becomes critical point of entry for the transformation project. Important to note that this area may contain sensitive documentation therefore critical to ensure correct level of access.
  • Structure the Share Point accordingly
    • Strategic initiative
    • Transformation Projects
      • Scope
      • Model
      • Implement
      • Review
      • Learn
  • Guideline , tools, training and explanation documentation
  • Important that Business Transformation is not a once of step but continuous, this means that the initiative will continue and become a way of life. Business KPI, strategic plans all become re-aligned with continuous transformation
  • Share point must also include monitoring tools, important to measure the effectiveness of any transformation initiative.  This also plays an important role to obtain buy in from critical decision makers and allows modification and adjustment of the transformation process: i.e. becoming a learning organization.
  • Basic stuff like power-point, word and excel
  • Modelling tools such Visio , Prosim , Powersim, Anylogic, Simile and  IDEF (BPWIN for process modelling)

Documentation approach

In all documents important to consider target audience. Scope: breadth and depth has to consider target audience. Documentation must be supported by supporting documents from qualitative and quantitative modelling initiative.

CEO would be only be interested in executive summaries that can be traced back to detail project analyses. Visual effects are critical, better a 2 page PowerPoint versus   a 50 page word document


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